I learned how to cook watching Rachel Ray and Tyler Florence on the Food Network in the early 2000s. Since then I’ve tried all kinds of scary recipes and became the person who makes homemade pork dumplings on Tuesday after work.

Then I had kids. I still made fancy meals. Sometimes I made baby food and congratulated myself on having such good eaters. Then my kids grew into big kids with ideas about what they ate and places they needed to be which ate up all my week night cooking time. It was time to go back to those 30 minute meals I loved so long ago.

This is my attempt at balance — feeding my kids while staying interested. And getting my daughters it to swim team with time to spare. 

My name is Erin. I live in Pittsburgh with my husband, and my 2 daughters who I will call Poppy and Bear. We love Penn State, shopping in the Strip District, pasta, swimming, and Rehoboth Beach. I know the entire staff at Trader Joe’s by name. Really.